The New York Women's Foundation: Gender Wage Gap Hearing


On Monday, June 26 The New York Women’s Foundation’s Director of Programs, Camille Emeagwali gave testimony to the New York State Department of Labor on the issue of the gender wage gap in New York and recommended solutions based on our 30 years of working with community-based organizations across New York City working to achieve economic justice for women and families.

“[The Foundation] wants to be a strong partner…to create an equitable and just future for women and their families in New York City by closing the gender wage gap. Collaborating with philanthropy and community-led organizations is essential to better understanding the nuances and complexities of this issue as these organizations are closer to the ground and armed with the tailored solutions needed, including approaches that consider racial and ethnic justice lens, in addition to gender and class. Ultimately, to end the gender and racial wage gap, we must place the same socioeconomic value on the work done by women as the work done by men.”

Read the full testimony here.