Energy and its Many Forms

Vitality is not something that comes from the next imagined pill, or energy promising drinks, but rather from simple steps to preserving and maintaining the natural resource of energy that resides within us all. Imagining our energy source as a credit card is a useful metaphor in understanding how our fuel is being spent. Is it being burnt on stress and anxiety? What about the friendships we keep? Let’s take a closer look at what it means to “get energy” and how to manifest that magic that has been waiting there for us all along.

7 Steps to Stunning Energy

Create a Good Morning Routine.

In order to tap into the natural wealth of vitality and energy, it is important to condition our day the right way. Good energy starts with a morning routine that saves space for the rest of our day. Find a simple routine that you feel safe to abide by. Consider preparing a glass of water for first thing in the morning, perhaps setting aside some supplements to go with it. Taking 5-10 minutes to journal or meditate is another beneficial routine to create in establishing a calm start to your day.

Make a Breakfast that Makes You More Energy.

Keeping your body alkaline in the AM is a must for energy production. Keep your pH at a healthy level with some hot water and lemon slices or consider a delicous power shake to spruce up your energy levels come morningtime . A Super Greens Smoothie loaded with greens, baby sprouts, good quality protein powder, and healthy fats (like ghee or chia seeds), is a delicious way to uptake nutrients from plants and fuel through natural resources.

Skip the Lunch Lull.

It’s fast, it’s fun (to some), and it’s easy: do squats. It’s a quick way to burn sugar after your lunch and it actually helps to increase hormones to maintain a higher level of energy. Even just adding 10 squats to your day is equivalent to a 30 minute jog! This is what our ancestors did too.

Breaking Bad (habits).

Bad habits deplete the energy we need in a day to be our best, highest selves. We are a bunch of made up habits and it is crucial to hack those bad ones and shift the momentum into a more powerful direction that frees the space for energy to move through. Think about what habits may need to be replaced. Stuck on sugar? Consider replacing it with raw honey or dates. Think about what may trigger the habit to better understand it. This awareness is key to not only pushing through but finding new lifestyle choices that take its place.

Get Good Sleep.

With so much to do and very busy agendas it’s important to just… stop. These crazy cortisol levels and neurotransmitters are inhibiting good, deep rest. In fact, we need a lot more GABA for deep delta waves sleep. A quick hack to get more of that GABA in our lives is simply to stretch! Even just 5 minutes can make a difference. Combine a good stretch before bed with essential oils of your choice and there will be a noticeable difference in the elevation of calm.

Supplement. makes a wonderful Energy Enhancer supplement that is equipped with crystal-free CoQ10 for optimal bioavailability and absorption. Adaptogenic herbs are also great and have been admired for centuries as their ability to adapt to the body’s needs at a cellular level is instant. Herbs like Ashwagandha, Holy Basil, and Ginseng have all been known to boost energy and regulate the adrenal system.

Balance Emotions.

Finding fun ways to release the tensions of the day through mindfulness practices or yoga are beautiful, scientifically proven, and therapeutic methods to increase energy in a calm and productive way. Better yet, do yoga with friends or loved ones for deeper connections. Remember, the company we keep has much to do with our energy levels too.

Now that we know some useful ways to revise and refill our energy tanks, here are some foods that are famous for their ability to keep us going.

4 Foods for Fast Fuel

  1. Coconut oil. It’s always more fun to burn fat for energy, and the good news is that it goes with everything.
  2. Chia seeds. Otherwise known as “runner’s food” are excellent for the body to burn for energy. They are the highest plant-based source of protein and loaded with Omega-3 fatty acids.

Pro-Tip: Mix the chia seeds with the coconut oil and raw honey for fuel during workouts.

  1. Go greens! Spinach, kale, and collards are full of Chlorophyll which help to alkaline the body and help to reduce acidity. They also contain Magnesium which is key to our electrolytes and promoting cellular function as well as muscle growth.
  2. Fruit. But here’s the caveat: only in moderation. The proper amount is 1-2 servings. Fruits such as mangos, bananas, and papayas are full of good, simple carbs and they take very little work to digest as they go straight from the gut to the blood stream. Bananas for instance are high in Potassium which is an electrolyte mineral that aids in hydration and cleanses the body at cellular level.

Abundant Energy is Already Yours!

The exciting news about uncovering our energy is that it is already within us, ready to expand. All it takes is a willingness to get well and an awareness of our innate power and vitality. Eating well, sleeping well, and establishing healthy lifestyle habits and connections are paramount to proper energy renewal and understanding. Sip from the fountain of infinity and enlighten your senses with the elixir of life and this energy that is already yours.

It’s time to claim it.

Want More Tips On Reclaiming Your Energy?

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